Hey dudes, you’re not using the best social network around. And if you were, I wouldn’t even know it unless you wanted me to.

I’m talking about Navlit.com . Navlit fills the gaps that Facebook, Google+ and Twitter have never been able to solve, mainly, how to have groups that are actually good and used. Navlit works because unlike those sites, its exclusively made for groups. No personal profile, no searching, no checking up on your ex-girlfriend three times a class. It’s also private, so you can’t be searched by employers or family members. You simply make or join a group for friends and…well, just try it out. It’s pretty intuitive.

Given the privacy settings and great organization I highly recommend it for Frats, or any other college group that needs to stay in touch and have the privacy to share the mildly obscene stories of Jake and the penguins that one time. Go ahead. Unlike Facebook or Google+, it’s just for you guys.