We’re all in college, which means a few certainties: we have strong opinions about books we’ve half-read, we are taking fruit from the dining halls when no ones looking, and we have to wake up every single day.

Waking up is an unfortunate truth for many college students, and, while it can scarcely be prevented it can, ideally be perfected. Here are some pros and cons to weigh against the usual alarm-clock scenario.

Option 1: MP3 Alarm Clock

This is an easily Google-able source; I’d link the version I use, but it’s buggy here and there, and I’d hate a reader to miss a mandatory sports-brunch or something. However, many of these sites operate on the same principle: that it’s better to wake up to your own music than screeching noise.

Pros: Music! You can select something smooth, something up-tempo, or (God forbid) Dubstep to wake you up. Variety and familiar tunes; what can go wrong?

Cons: You will forever hate that music.

Option 2: Room-Mates

Your room-mates also have class, probably around the same time as you. They can wake you up when they wake up, or when they leave for class, right? Maybe they’ll even make double-breakfast, so you can have some breakfast (they won’t). Beats an alarm clock, right?

Pros: No need to worry about malfunctions or power-outages. And you can’t hit snooze on a person. You’ll be sure to get up…

Cons: …unless they’re sick, or they forget, or, you know, are bad room-mates. Also, there’s a risk they’ll throw water on you. Alarm clocks don’t throw water.

Option 3: Natural Style

You’ve had enough of both people and technology. You’re going to wake up the way people have for all of history; with the sun and the cock of the rooster. You’ll also have to buy a rooster, but chicks love roosters. Synergy? Looks like it. Leave the blinds open for the sun to wake you, go to sleep at dark, and do it the natural way.

Pros: You can talk about how natural you are, feel superior to people. Watch the sun rise.

Cons: Did you catch that last part? The sun rises early in the morning. Is telling people you’re super natural worth the dawn-wakeup? I hope not.

Option 4: Pull an All-Nighter

You can’t wake up if you never sleep, right? Energy drinks and blaring music forever!

Pros: You can get a lot done! Push yourself to the limit! Write comedy articles at five in the morning! Right another! Nothing can stop you!

Cons: Staying up all night is good, especially for an aspiring writer, but be aware: after the initial thrill, you can fall asleep at any mome