It may seem elementary or a waste of time to take a physical education course while in college, but there are number of strong benefits to do so even though you will probably not be able to play the parachute game…

PE classes work differently from college to college so keep in mind that number five may not apply to you. 

Forces you to Work Out/Get in Shape

Everybody wants to be in shape and go to the gym everyday, but barely anybody actually has the will power to do so. Taking a PE classes forces you to do so; you are less likely going to procrastinate working out when it is required.

Good break from school

We all need a good academic break, and taking a PE class will allow us to have that break.  Taking a PE class allows for a better break in your academics rather than working out on your own, because a PE class will be consistent. PE classes are scheduled “breaks” that you will always have throughout the entire term; and, you will still have them when you need them most, at times like during your midterms and your finals.

Relieves Stress

This is true of athletics in general of course, but again, because a PE class is scheduled and you are forced and more likely to go, it creates a break in all things chaotic in a busy college life. Depending on the class, you can go in there and not think, but just run, work out, play a sport or whatever. All of your stress about school and probably your social life will disappear in the hour or so you are in PE class.

Diversity of PE Classes

In High School, there are not many PE classes to choose from. You could either take a PE class based around a basic sport like soccer and basketball or an aerobic PE class, and that was pretty much it. In college, however, there are hundreds of wild PE classes you can take. Even at my community college we have rock climbing, backpacking, high dive, and kick boxing. I like to imagine that there are even more obscure PE classes at universities like sailing or something.  So, in college, PE is more than just a boring requirement but a class that you can take to have fun and perhaps learn a new skill.

Raise GPA

I realize that some colleges do not count PE classes on your GPA, but a lot do. If your college does, you are lucky and should take advantage of it. PE classes are usually only worth about half of a regular class (probably .5 units per hour spent in the class a week), but it will help your GPA out.  In PE classes 99% of the students are going to get an A, and this A in a 1.5 unit class will probably be able to raise your GPA one tenth of a point  which could be a big plus if you have a GPA of 2.9 or something.