I understand that many of you are busy.

Between school, jobs, meetings, and friends, there is hardly any time left to read a good book.

You need to find time though, even if that means cutting video games out of the picture.

You are probably rolling your eyes at the screen now. I get it, you have heard this before from your parents, your teachers, and your annoying friend that reads like it is an addiction.

I am curious though, have you ever looked passed the scolding, the aggravating suggestions, and picked up a good book?

 You should, right now. Reading to the mind is exercise to the body. If you do not read, you’re a limited individual, a person who has an opinion but expresses it with limited vocabulary.

 The chances that you will go to the bookstore within the next hour are very low, the distance to the bookstore and cost of buying an actual book prevent many people from reading.

 However, books can be borrowed from the library (duh).  Nevertheless, that still requires walking, so let’s look at our other options:

  • If you have an e-reader then you are very lucky. If you don’t and read frequently, think about investing in one.
    • The kindle, for example, presents users with a library of thousands of free books to download or rent. Books are also cheaper when purchased on an e-reader, and extremely easy to access.  The library is portable so you can essentially access your books anywhere, and the e-Ink pages are easy on the eyes.

 I actually researched e-Ink once, and it is a remarkable technology. Click here if you’re interested in learning about it.

  • If you don’t have an e-reader then I suggest you try using the site, BookSwim.

BookSwim is a website that provides unlimited book rentals and free shipping to members of the site. To be a member, you have to pay 24 dollars a month, a pricey fee. However, once a member, you can create your own pool of books from BookSwim’s extensive catalog and they automatically ship your books to you within a few days. You can borrow the books for as long or as little as you would like. When you are finished reading, you simply send the books back in a pre-paid envelope BookSwim includes in your packaging. You can either create a new pool after you finish your first shipment, and the same process follows or you can create a new pool while reading your first shipment and receive a new, second package as well.

Use this promotion code when signing up: ALLPLANS995

This will make your first month only $10, rather than the $24.

I am a member of BookSwim and I really like the site so I though I’d suggest it to the readers of HackCollege. I hardly ever go to the bookstore, I mean I live in a small farming town in California.. the nearest Barnes & Noble is about 20 minutes away.  BookSwim is an alternative to the library. If you don’t have an e-Reader and the privileges that come with it, give the site a try! You might like it!

Here are a few pictures of my BookSwim things, just in case you question the validity of my membership (haha, but seriously):

Hopefully this information is useful to you! If not, thanks for reading!