Disclaimer: I’m not a design student, I wish I was, but I’m not.

I really enjoy using my iPad for all things art related. It works greate for showing off work I’ve done in the past to being a workhorse for content creation. (Anyone who says you can’t create with the iPad is wrong.) Recently I started taking a design course called Communication Design Fundimentals, which is basically a print design course for non-design majors. This couse has really brough out the creative spark in me. Unfortunately, with design courses comes the cost of art supplies, especially notebooks, pens and pencils. That cost and my proclivity to making everything digital has pushed me to buy and try just about every sketchbook app for the iPad.

The most recent sketchbook app that has hit the market is called Paper. Created by a small firm called FiftyThree, Paper is a notebook with a simple set of features. It ignores layers, customizable colors and complicated brushes and focueses on a brilliant ink engine and a small set of pens and brushes that allow one to quickly mock up a design.

The app is free to try, but only lets you work within the first pen. Each addition pen is $1.99, or you can get all of them for $7.99, which is oddly more expensive (by 4 cents) than buying each brush and pen seperately.

The ink engine is amazing. It makes even my older first generation iPad seem quick and smooth. My biggest qualm with the app is the lack of color choices. Yes, FiftyThree picked 9 great color options, but I’d like to be able to switch color pallets based on what I’m working on.

The app features a great built in set of sharing features. That way when you’re done with your mockups or sketches or masterpiece you were working hours on. You can post to Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter or share via email or even save it to your camera roll.

Now while it won’t replace Photoshop or Illustrator for content creation, it works great as a mockup tool. I would highly recommend you download Paper and give it a test spin.