Single purpose websites are sites that only have one function. A lot of times, these kinds of websites are dumb and useless because if something can be made, people will make it. However,there are also many useful ones, and below are some of the greats.

Large Document

Large Document is super cool. It allows you to upload a file up to two gigs in size (way bigger than any email will allow you to attach) and the site will then give you a link to download that file. You can then give that link to your buddy so he can download your big file that you wanted him to have. It is basically a free, really simple file sharing site. The best part about this site is its simplicity, and also the fact that you do not have to make an account or anything dumb.

QR Stuff

QR Stuff makes QR codes. QR codes are those fancy square bar code things that you scan with your smart phone and it will give you a link to whatever the maker of the code wants you to see. I’m not particularly sure what a college student would want a QR code for, but maybe you could put one on a business card if you are that cool, or you could post them around campus and have it link to your YouTube video. I don’t know! The possibilities are endless!

Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web tells you if a site is safe or not. You put a link in the link area and it will tell you if is a trustworthy site to buy sweaters from.

Online Stopwatch

Doing the cinnamon challenge and want to use a big stop watch that everyone around you can see? Use Online Stopwatch.

Who Won the…?

Who Won the super bowl last year? Did tiger woods when that green jacket yet? I don’t know, but does.

Speed Test

Use Speed Test to test the speed of your internet. This is a good site to use to make sure you are getting what your provider has promised you, or if you want to see how crazy fast your school’s internet is.

Whats My IP?

Whats My IP tells you what your IP address is. Sometimes you need to know this.

Sleepy Time

Sleepy Time tells you what time you should fall asleep, so that when you wake up it will be in between sleep cycles. Waking up in between sleep cycles instead of in the middle of one allows you to be more alert and awake. Sean talks more about Sleepy Time here.

Keep Me Out

Keep Me Out is a website that helps you cut down on the amount of times you visit a website. Probably most often used for Facebook, the website creates bookmarks of the sites you want to cut down on using. These bookmarks will warn you if you have visited the site once already in the last hour (or whatever you want the settings to be.) This website may not be very useful to those who do not use bookmarks but rather type in the website in the URL bar.

Down for Every One or Just me?

Down for Every One or Just me does exactly what the title says, and tells you if the site you think is down is actually down for everybody or if its your own problem.


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