The Internet can be a wondrous tool. It can also be an evil time-sucking productivity demon, eating up all your time while you browse Facebook for hours and hours. If you’re having trouble using certain websites in moderation, check out StayFocusd for Chrome, an extension that limits your time-wasting potential.

How it works is you first set up a blacklist of “bad” websites. Then you establish parameters for how long you can spend browsing your blacklisted sites each day. When you visit one of those pages, a timer starts and alerts you at scheduled intervals.  After the timer expires, StayFocusd blocks you from accessing your blacklist, and makes you get back to work through brute force. Along with the essential features of setting up a blacklist and daily timeframe for time-wasting, you can also choose the hours you want the extension to work (Facebook stalking is probably okay when it’s 1AM), as well as a nuclear option to block all websites.

If you’re looking for a similar counterpart for Firefox, check out LeechBlock. Both extensions feature clean and easy-to-use settings pages, and all the different options are very obvious.

In a perfect world, we would all have great attention spans, maximum efficiency, and only watch YouTube videos after we’ve completed all the day’s tasks. Unfortunately, procrastination and time wasting are all too prevalent among college students. Looking for a disciplinary mechanism to keep you on task? Download StayFocusd (or LeechBlock), and get some work done!

Are there any other extensions you know of like StayFocusd/LeechBlock? Let us know in the comments!