Over the next few months, as people draft their New Year’s Resolutions and 2012 predictions, I’ll be providing tools to help you Achieve Your Resolution – valuable webapps and web sites that I’ve found in the past year that help achieve popular New Year’s Resolutions.

Remember the Milk is a webapp that helps you do just that. Remember the milk. But it also helps you remember the other things that are important in your life, and frankly I can’t imagine getting things done without it.

Remember the Milk is a fully-featured to-do list app that allows you to post both private and public tasks, tag them, give them time estimates, locations, priorities and allows fully-featured searching.

There’s also a mobile counterparts for iOS and Android. The free version allows you to sync once per day, but if you go premium, more features are allotted. In my experience, premium isn’t necessary for a college student, especially since all your tasks are synced in the cloud and you can use another device to access your list at any time.

It blows other desktop task managers out of the water due to its cloud capabilities, and it brings many more features than other minimalist task manager like Google Tasks. It even can integrate into iGoogle or Google Calendar so your home page or calendar can have your task list with it.

I highly recommend Remember the Milk as one of the best task managers and to-do lists on the web, and think it’s essential for college students trying to be more productive.

[Photo courtesy of Flickr user MyopicJoe. Licensed under CC BY-2.0.]