Being bored is a natural part of college and life. Somewhere between partying and work

(also called not-partying) you may find yourself in an awkward middle scenario. It’s that in-between scenario where you have nothing pressing to do and no drive to do anything else. You already have things you do when your bored; most overwhelmingly, you do nothing. I can respect that. But here are some better ways to do nothing to get the most out of your boredom.

Read Stuff Online

Replace checking your social media and phone over and over by reading actually cool stuff. All those notifications are just invites to events that aren’t parties, anyway.

Use that internet time to read stuff online. Lots of great sites exist; check the New York Times or GQ. Check this site, obviously. We’ve got plenty of quick reads that can help you, too. While you’re bored, why don’t you check everything I wrote. Click it ten times too, if you don’t mind. No, I don’t have any ulterior motive. Why do you ask?

Work Out

I heard that groan. Don’t worry. I think you look great. It’s just that movement and endorphins. You have no energy; your bored. But if you can pull yourself up and walk, walk somewhere, or go to the gym, you’ll get that energy back naturally *and* you’ll have gone to the gym. So then you can tell everyone you went to the gym, and be better than everyone else, apparently, as that’s what those type of people do.

But go for a walk. It’s April: it’s gotta be nice out. And if you can’t exercise…


See? We’re friends, internet-guy. I wouldn’t just tell you to work out if you didn’t want to.

If you’re bored, take a nap. Don’t make a habit of it, but if you’re so inclined, it’s a great way to burn two hours. There’s no way you’re getting enough sleep at college. And the best news is that time you burnt; you didn’t burn it. You saved it in your sleep-bank. So later in the week when you have to stay up (either for work or adventures) you’ll have the energy to do it.

In a weird way, sleeping is the best way to waste time. Consider it.

Upgrade your old habits

Are you watching mediocre television online? Watch better shows. Watch a classic movie you’ll like and can improve your life, or, at the very least, give you something to brag about. Listen to music, zoned out? Go through some classic albums or see what’s new in the underground of your favorite genre. There is infinite music out there, and while most of them are FIFTEEN YEAR OLD RAPPERS who AREN’T LIKE OTHER RAPPERS and advertise EXCLUSIVELY ASKING FOR THUMBS UP ON YOUTUBE IN ALL CAPS there’s a lot of other good stuff out there. For example, bored, I finally listened to Adele and some previously unheard Lil Wayne mixtapes. They were both great.

Explore, yo. Might as well.

Call Your Mom

Might as well, right?