The internet subculture is filled with cats that look like monorail cars, vloggers and a series of what I’ve come to know as the web celebrities. People that might not be famous to a large subset of the internet population and are certainly virtually unknown outside of the web community.

Two of these members of the community have recently talked about the idea of consistency when it comes to your presence on the internet. Charlie McDonnell, from YouTube fame, recently posted a video about something he knows as “Don’t Break the Chain.” This is something he states he learned from the internet, and who he’s certain leared it from Jerry Seinfeld.

Another smaller known blogger, Shawn Blanc, recently talked about on his private, members-only podcast about consistency when starting a weblog. He mentions how important it is to show up everyday, even if what you’re creating and showing off to the world isn’t of the finest material.

We can easily apply “Don’t Break the Chain” and Shawn Blanc’s idea of consistency to the outside world. Whether you’ve trailed off on your exercise program, or if you’re looking to start working harder on your classes, there’s a way to apply these techniques.

If you have an iPhone, there’s even an app for that. Called Streaks, it provides a simple calendar view where you can tick off each day that you’ve completed something. Say, blogged on your website, or spent the time exercising. You can build this into your nightly ritual.

If you’re like me, you’ll probably forget about your Streaks app, so a posted reminder in your room is probably a better idea. Just post a monthly calendar for each daily ritual you’re starting with and start crossing off days that you’ve done that daily task. You can even make one with your iCal or Outlook app. (Just uncheck every calendar and hit the print command.)

This might seem too straight forward for some poeple. (Too, well, ‘duh’) I’m hoping that a lot of people can start some New April Resolutions and get back onto their goals.

Let us know what you’d consider a daily routine that you want to start with and let us know how its going.