One of the best ways to work is to isolate yourself and remove distractions. That includes turning off the television (or in our case, Hulu) and blocking Facebook. (Which is super easy to do with apps like Self Control.) Another way is to find an app that forces you to work. Lately, there has been a rush of text editing apps for Mac and iOS that differentiate by elimintating distractions and pushing for a minimal, content centric look and feel. The primary example of this is apps like iA Writer and WriteRoom, the latter being the first app like this on the market.

If you’re looking for something that will just run on the iOS front, look no further than Brett Terpstra’s iOS Text Editor (massive) comparison chart. On the Mac there are still quite a few options. Byword, iA Writer, “Writer,” WriteRoom, Macchiato, Type, and the list goes on and on.

I’ve taken it upon myself to look for the best in terms of where I am most productive writing in.

The first app I looked at was Byword. This app features a minimal set of features, including a light and dark mode, font choice and width adjustment. The biggest new feature for Byword is the ability to use Dropbox or iCloud to sync to their iOS app.

The second app I took a look at was iA Writer. Devoid of any options, iA Writer focuses on forcing you to work and stop fiddling with the text editor you’re working with. They too feature Dropbox and iCloud sync to their iPad and iPhone apps. (All sold seperately)

WriteRoom is a different beast than the last two. It sports an endless number of features, from background color, to transparnency to font choice and numerous other features. There is a WriteRoom app for iOS (Universal) that also has the same numerous number of features as well as Dropbox sync to keep your text files together.

I really fell in love with iA Writer. It forces you to ignore features and get to work. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of their iCloud implementation- it works and their iOS apps are awesome and really well thought out. I would encourage anyone to look at it as an option for both regular writing and Markdown enabled writing.