Last year, I would be the first to tell you that I would never get an android phone. I’ve had an iPod touch for years and I love it dearly. In fact, I always imagined that the first smart phone I got would be an iPhone because that was OBVIOUSLY the best choice.  However, my cellphone provider is T-Mobile; I cannot get an iPhone.  I was forced to either get an android or stick with my crappy flip phone with no camera. So, I got an android. Since I’ve had it, I have found that androids in a lot of ways are better phones, especially better for college students.  Here are some reasons why.

Phone Options

College students don’t like being restricted, and with the iPhone, you are. Apple only gives you one hardware option unless you want to buy an old iPhone. With android, however, there are over 100 kinds of phones you can buy. This is awesome because you can choose the phone that is perfect for you. You can chose the screen size you want, your phone’s camera capability, the phone color, if the phone has a keyboard or not, and so on.

Free Angry Birds

College students are notorious for being broke. Well, on the iPhone there are a lot of apps that cost money, but are free on the android market.  For example, I have gotten the full version of temple run, tank hero, and all of the angry birds for free.

Open Source

The iPhone app store is not open source, meaning they only allow apps that they want to allow. On the other hand, Android’s market IS open source and the possibilities of apps are endless. The significance is that androids can have cool apps that iPhone does not, like an N64 emulator.


This again falls into the theme of not wanting to be restricted. The iPhone is set up how apple wants you to have it set up. You cannot even delete the apps that the iPhone comes with which is really annoying if you do not check the stocks everyday. This is all great for my Mom who does not have a clue to how to use a smartphone and needs simplicity.  However, for people who want customization on their phones, then android is the way to go. Not only can you change your clock and the color of your text and what not, but you can also make your phone more practical. The best way to do this is with the use widgets. Android phones can have full page widgets that have live updating for news, weather, calendars, Facebook and such. Another great feature android phones have is the ability to change your memory by way of a micro sd card. So, if you want, you could make your 8gb android phone into a 64gb phone.

Portable WiFi Hotspot

I still do not know why iPhone does not have this feature.  This allows you to use your phone’s network as a WiFi hotspot that you can connect your laptop or other devices, and is very handy. I have a crappy internet provider and this has saved me multiple times when I needed to get online homework done and my internet was out.

Do you think iPhones are better for students? Am I missing a crucial android feature? Let us know in the comments!