As college students, we are always on-the-go busy and in a rush.  Mornings can be extra tough – especially when you’ve been up studying all night and didn’t get much sleep the night before.  But by sleeping until the very possible last second (or pressing the snooze button a hundred times), you will need a quick routine to get you up and out the door to your 8 am class on time.  Here are my favorite tips to getting ready faster in the morning.

Utilize the Night Before

Whenever possible, minimize the things you have to do in the morning by doing it the night before.  For example, lay out the clothes you plan to wear and pack your backpack the night before.  I even shower the night before to save me a ton of time in the morning.  Since I am generally away from my apartment the whole day, I also pack my lunch, fill up my reusable water bottle, and prep the coffee machine to have brewed coffee ready and waiting for me when I wake up.

I know it doesn’t seem like doing this will save you a lot of time in the mornings, but trust me, it definitely does.  If I lay things out and prep the night before, it takes me less time and saves me stress because I’m not running around my apartment in the morning like a half-asleep zombie looking for things and always probably forgetting something.

Prep Your Breakfast

The night before, I always figure out what I will eat for breakfast and set it up as much as I can.  If I have an exceptionally busy morning, I’ll often make a homemade smoothie with some yogurt, fruit, and even a little oatmeal (I know the oatmeal sounds crazy – but it makes for a thicker and more nutritious smoothie!) the night before.  Then I stick it into one of my reusable bottles and pop it in the fridge so I can just grab and go in the morning.

If I am going to eat at home, then I always prepare my breakfast as much as possible the night before.  If I’m having cereal, I’ll take out my bowl and fill it with the dry cereal the night before so all I have to do is pour the milk and eat.  If I’m eating toast, I always make sure to have the toaster out the night before and ready to use the next morning.  It may only save a few seconds, but those seconds add up.

Limit Distractions

For those of us that get a little distracted (like me!), it is important to limit distractions in the morning so that you don’t waste precious time.  I do not watch TV in the mornings and instead choose to scan the latest news headlines on my phone while waiting for class to start.  I check my school email account for any announcements or cancelled classes but my personal email inbox is only scanned with important emails marked to be checked on my next break.  I don’t check my Facebook page until I have a break because I always seem to get lost on Facebook.

How do you get out the door faster on those crazy mornings?

[Photo Courtesy of Flickr User Synlinked and used with a Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution Generic License]