Recently, Google just launched its Google Drive service to throw its hat into the cloud storage/desktop sync arena with the likes of Dropbox, Microsoft’s SkyDrive, and SugarSync. While all these companies bludgeon each other to death to become king of the cloud storage throne, that’s a good thing for you and me. Why you ask? Tons of free storage accessible anywhere for schoolwork, pictures, and even your precious adult material if you’re so inclined… Here’s the rundown for all the free space just waiting to be claimed.

Remember, I’m just covering cloud services that offer a desktop sync feature and only their free offerings. If you want a table comparing all the paid services on tap, look elsewhere. With all these free accounts, you should have more than enough space left over to store anything you could ever want to access from anywhere.

Dropbox (No file size limit using desktop app, 300 MB web upload file size limit)

  • 2 GB free for signing up and 2.5 GB if you sign up through a referral link!
  • 250 MB for completing all Get Started steps
  • Up to 3 GB additional for using the new photo/video uploader – 500 MB for uploading your first photo, then up to 2.5 GB equivalent to the amount of photos/videos you upload. You must upload the data via a camera, smartphone, or SD card; you cannot just copy over photos and movies to your Dropbox folder. However, you keep the space even after deleting the photos and videos if you so choose.
  • 500 MB for each referral, up to 16 GB

Total: 21.75 GB

Microsoft SkyDrive (2 GB file size limit)

  • 7 GB free for signing up
  • Limited time upgrade to 25 GB free if you previously had a SkyDrive account before Microsoft upgraded its service. Just log in and click on the banner for free upgrade – do it ASAP!

Total: 25 GB

Google Drive (10 GB file size limit)

Total: 5 GB

SugarSync (No file size limit)

Total: 5 GB

Wuala (14 GB file size limit)

Total: 5 GB

Ubuntu One (5 TB file size limit)

Total: 5 GB

Syncplicity (300 MB file size limit)

Total: 2 GB

Grand Total: 21.75+25+7+5+5+2 = 65.75 GB free cloud storage with desktop sync!

There are actually many more free cloud storage options available – check out this epic chart from Wikipedia if you’re interested – but the options listed above stand out as the best. Personally, I’d go with Dropbox, which offers the most free features out of any offering at the moment. But Google and Microsoft will definitely give Dropbox a run for its money, and the cloud storage landscape may look very different over the coming years.

Which cloud storage and desktop sync service do you prefer? Why? Let us know in the comments!

[Photo courtesy of Flickr user saturnism. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.]