Some of us starving students are also starving artists. Writing, making music or movies all while trying to be the best student we can.

Before, if you wanted to sell your novella or photos online you’d be left to setting up a Paypal store to be able to accept payments online. This complicated procedure often had you selling your soul away for the ability to accept credit cards. Now there is a new online service on the market, Gumroad. It makes selling your digital (or even physical) goods amazingly simple.

To set up a Gumroad account, head over to their website and sign in with Facebook, Twitter or via an email address and password. Once inside, Gumroad makes it incredibly easy to set up secure purchasing links. This means that you can host the files inside a Dropbox account, or with Gumroad itself, and then set your price.

While Gumroad won’t host really big files, like videos, you’ll need to set up some magic with Dropbox to make it work. Simply load your digital goods into the public folder of your Dropbox account and save the public link to your clipboard. Use that link inside the Gumroad form as the location of the digital goods. Then, finally set your price. You then get a nice Gumroad short link that you can share with anyone.

Gumroad also has some advanced features, like requiring shipping information if you’re selling physical goods, or limiting the number of sales, or enabling the buyer to set their own price if it is higher than yours.

I recently got the chance to test my service with a school project that I completed. I was able to upload the booklet to my Dropbox folder and make it available for sale on Gumroad for $2. It was a breeze! So if you’re looking to make a bit of moolah on the side with content that you’ve created, I’d highly recommend you try selling it through Gumroad.