1: A Good Pair of Pants and a Good Sweatshirt

Nothing gets worn more often or provides more comfort than these two staple items. if you’re cutting costs and getting the bargain basement material not only will it wear out quickly and not be as comfortable but you won’t get the benefits of knowing you’re at your best without even trying. Take the risk out of dressing and being cozy and combine them. Get a good pair of jeans and a good sweatshirt or sweater and, especially in the Northeast, you can be sure of both looking good and being cozy at a moments notice. Go with it.


2: Groceries.

It’s easy to try to skimp on supermarket goodies- five dollars for peanut-butter?- but ultimately ordering food is going to be more costly, both in terms of actual price but also in terms of calories and social shame. You know it’s a bad sign when the pizza guy knows you not only by your name but by your address as well. Go the extra mile and stock your fridge and cabinets with classic college staples: yogurt, bread, peanut-butter, mac and cheese, and the works. Just don’t combine all those elements together. Otherwise you might actually be better off with that nightly pizza routine.


3: Entertainment

Yes, you could find Game of Thrones online. Yes, you could try your best to find the movies you only half feel like watching. But it would be easier to just shell out the extra bucks for a Netflix or Hulu Plus subscription. All the time you’d spend searching instead for the content that you want and all the extra pop-up ads, viruses or difficulties can be mitigated by a quick and small one time investment for your entertainment needs. Go for it. Better that then spend forty minutes looking for a Family Guy episode.


4: Books

This may sound obvious, but it sadly isn’t. So for all those guys who think that between borrowing fro their pals and the library they can avoid buying the book let me tell you firsthand: the stress and the first failed test isn’t worth it. Shell out the money and buy the book second-hand and try to sell it third-hand and minimize the damage. It isn’t worth it to explain the C- you got by trying to be frugal with your education.


5: Good Times

You’re never going to be as young as you are right now. You’re never going to be as ignorant and full of excitement over nothing as you were last sentence. But the good news is you’ll still be that way tomorrow. And yeah, saving money means you’ll have that money tomorrow. But what about good memories? Those last longer then twenty bucks. Be economical, sure, thrifty even: but never at the expense of what’s priceless.