It’s around time to sign up for summer/fall 2012 classes. That’s always fun and exciting, at least until the class you need is full.  Unless you are a senior with top priority in registration, you are probably going to run into this problem. Seeing the class you need to take full can be very frustrating, but you should not just say “oh well” and give up. There are many things you can do to try to add the class.

Email the Teacher

The first thing you want to do is email the professor teaching the class. In your email you’re going to want to ask if they have an add list.  If they do they can put you on that list, and then you will go to their class on the first day of the term and be able to enroll once somebody drops.  If they do not have an add list, then ask them what their adding policies are. The professor can usually add five or so students past the “full” amount.  So, emailing the teacher will show them you are actually interested and may be your ticket to an add spot. You may want to briefly tell them that you are genuinely interested in the class, you need it for your major or mention some other good reason. However, at the same time, keep it short and use email etiquette.

Wait For Somebody to Drop

When I am signing up for classes and find the one I need is full I keep the page up in my browser, and every once in a while I hit refresh. The reason you should do this is because someone will probably drop. People will realize they do not want to take that class, or they signed up for the wrong one, or at the wrong time and they will drop it. You want to be the first person to see that they have dropped and quickly go add it.  Also, at some colleges where you have to pay for individual classes, the students will get dropped after ten days if they have not paid.

Go To the First Class

If you still have not gotten into the class by the time the term has started, you should still go attend the class.  At the end of the class go talk to the professor and tell them you want to add. The majority of the time she or he will add you right there, or tell you to keep coming to the class until someone drops.

In conclusion, don’t give up! You’ll probably get into the class even if it takes you three weeks of going to the class without officially being in.