Frustrating people come in all varieties, and usually the best way to deal with them is not to deal with them. You’re not obligated to explain to that jerk out that party that, no, Barack Obama is not a shape-shifting wizard and no, you can’t lend him eight bucks to prove it. Weirdos and jerks of all types exist, unfortunately, and it’s best to ignore them. But it’s a different set of rules when you are forced to deal with them on a daily basis. With that said, here are a few tips.


1: Confront

You’ve got to start on an honest foot. If you don’t mention the issues they might not even know what’s wrong. I have my strengths and weaknesses and I’m not very organized or clean. It took my first room-mate a month to ask me to stop leaving my dirty clothes on the floor. So I stopped; easy as that. But it hadn’t occurred to me before then, and if he had only said it sooner, I would have known earlier. Maybe your roommate is just blissfully ignorant, and not a jerk. That’s the best case scenario. If not…


2: Adapt.


No, I don’t mean you should blindly accept their issues and just sigh that, well, I guess Hannah just exists in a world where everyone wants to here Dubstep at 4 A.M. But what I do mean is that you shouldn’t just exist angrily about it. Deal with the issues as best you can. If you know she’s going to be playing Dubstep late, accept it and plan your sleep around it a little. It’s better to solve the problem than to be morally right, and if naps help, take naps. Don’t stubbornly refuse to take a nap just because you shouldn’t have to.


3: Write a Passive-Aggressive Article About it Online and Not Show Them



4: Find Positive Traits

Yes, Hannah might be a selfish, self-centered dubstep-playing jerk. But she also might sometimes be fun, funny, and trying to set you up with her cute friend off-and-on. People, even frustrating people have good and good traits in them, and you can’t let a few small frustrations ruin otherwise good people and good situations for you. Obviously, an annoying person is still annoying: but try to remember that they are also a person too, with redeeming traits to match.


5: Get Even

Yes, it may be petty or passive-aggressive, but a small prank enlivens the soul. No, sorry, I actually do need to play The Matrix this loud: it’s The Matrix and its awesome, and it needs to be respected as such. I have no idea where your pad-thai that you left all over the kitchen over-night went, or how it got placed right in front of your door in the morning. No clue how there were just a bunch of dogs in your room when you woke up. Seriously, no clue. Is that a thing that happened?

Stupid, and juvenile? Sure. But leaving with a jerk is a lot more fun when you’re a jerk too. At least then you know you’re guilty, too.