Hey everyone! In the past, I’ve given a shout out to several great apps only available for jailbroken iOS devices on App of the Week (I highly recommend LockInfo and BiteSMS). However, there are also a ridiculous amount of other tweaks and hacks only available after jailbreaking. Whether it’s working around Apple’s limitations or bringing cool new functionality to your device, these tweaks are all very cool. Despite that, they often do just one thing, and don’t really fit the bill for App of the Week. That’s why today, I’m introducing a new feature centered around three great jailbreak tweaks for every post. Some may be familiar, while some you may not know about: Rest assured that they’ll all be awesome and more than worthy of installation on your iDevice. I hope you enjoy all the tweaks in the coming weeks!

CyDelete – Free – Download from BigBoss repo

Instead of having to manually go into Cydia, hit Modify in the upper right-hand corner, then Remove when you want to get rid of a Cydia app, CyDelete makes the process as simple as deleting an App Store app! Simply long hold on any Springboard icon, go into wiggle mode, and delete your desired Cydia app with ease.

Browser Changer – Free – Download from BigBoss repo

Normally, all links from other applications open by default in Safari. Apple doesn’t give you the option to change this. Like its name suggests, Browser Changer allows you to change your default browser to whatever you’d like from Settings. I prefer Atomic Web Browser myself, but Dolphin Browser is also a great choice.

NowListening – Free – Download from BigBoss repo

NowListening adds notifications of the currently playing track at the top of your screen. It’s great for when you have so much music on your device that you forget the name of the track that’s playing! Tap the banner to go to the Music app, tap and hold the banner to tweet the currently playing song, and swipe right to skip to the next track. It’s a great way to more tightly integrate your music into iOS 5!

Enjoy the tweaks, and see you next time!