I’ve found that there are many times that I will get off track and distracted from studying or doing homework when on my Mac. It’s easy to fall into the trap of taking a break and then falling prey to the wonderful distraction filled world of the Internet.

This is where Focusbar comes into play. This little app works to keep you on track and remind you what you are supposed to be working on every few minutes.

Once installed (via the Mac App Store) Focusbar becomes a menu bar applet, living mainly inside your menu bar instead of in your dock. This means it is always accessible no matter what apps are cluttering your screen.

Focusbar is mainly a nag machine. It nags you every few minutes, reminding you what you should be working on. The black bar drops down and shimmers for a few seconds before retreating, ensuring that you are being productive with your time.

Now, this may seem as overkill- needing and app to pop in and remind you to keep working every five minutes. For those people who can manage their time and not get distracted by the buzzes and beeps that emanate from your system every few seconds, this app isn’t for you. (Plus a hi-5 for you for being able to do that!)

Focusbar is customizable in terms of how many times it will interrupt you in a given time allotment. (Say interrupt me every 5 minutes.) You can also adjust on which part of the screen the Focusbar appears.

In total, I think this app works well for those that are really desperate for something to remind them to get back to work every few minutes, or as a reminder of what they should be working on.