The pressure to find a job or internship in this market is overwhelming students across the nation. How are some of your friends finding such useful websites? Where are they getting the right resume help, and how are they finding these random applications?

Some of your friends probably had their jobs handed to them from their big, powerful CEO dads. Don’t waste your time caring about that.

Your other, more strategic friends most likely use sites and resources they have found online. You could spend the next few hours browsing Google’s feed to find something to improve your searching. However, I have created a list of helpful job & internship links for you. Just visit a few of these sites and you’ll find applications galore.

100 useful tools for teachers & students

Great search engine for education (colleges, tutors, MBA programs, etc)

Prizes for creative ideas and marketing suggestions

Entry level jobs & internships 

When companies search for you, what do they find? Find out here.

Career networking on Facebook

Don’t know what to do after you graduate? Click here.

Career info and company profiles 

Technology & Engineering job search

Be different, build a visual resume online for free

Create your resume, for free

Organize your job search

100 useful job & internship resources

Info about career choices

Control your Google results

I hope these suggestions helped! If you have any other useful links, please share them in a comment below.