Finals week is back with a vengeance. Five plus days filled with cramming, all-nighters and nail biters. It’s no surprise 70 percent of students confirmed in a recent survey that they are more stressed during finals week than any other time during the school year. This time around, do yourself a favor and come up with a de-stressing strategy before you hit the books. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Take a Break:

Sometimes just taking some time off from studying is to the perfect prescription to get you through the anxiety and pressure of finals week. Listening to music, getting in a quick workout and making that late night fast food run are the top three ways students say they reduce stress during finals. While it seems counter-intuitive, taking a little “me” time may actually help you relax and focus when you get back to studying.

Get A Bit Weird:

If you can usually be found studying in the same spot for hours on end during finals, it might be time to mix it up a little. Get out of your routine – have an impromptu dance party or visit your favorite breakfast spot in the middle of the night. Some schools even sponsor out of the ordinary activities to help students make it through finals week. The College of William and Mary Law School hosts midnight yoga and the University of New Hampshire and Boston College host “puppy parties” where students de-stress with pet therapy.

Simplify Studying:

When you do settle down to hit the books, make the most of your time and effort by ensuring you have materials and study tools close at hand. Students agree that the ability to create instant study guides and easily search for information would make studying less stressful., a digital textbook platform, features these tools and more and you can use it with virtually any device. With it, you can access study tools, easily read, highlight and take notes – anywhere, anytime.
For more stats on finals stress and how to beat it, check out this infographic from Follett Higher Education Group.

Guest post by Elio DiStaola, Director of Public & Campus Relations at Follett Higher Education Group

Photo credit: studiobeerhorse on Flickr