College spring semesters are wrapping up, and as you’re stressing over finals you don’t want to forget to plan how you will be getting home. Getting home for the summer can be expensive, especially if you are a freshman, because you were probably not allowed to have a car. So if you do not want to pay for a plane ride or a bus ticket, it may be wise to carpool.

Zimride is a handy website that allows people to carpool together by connecting drivers with people who want to carpool to the same destination. The driver states what college they are starting from, where their final destination will be, how many seats they have, what day they are leaving, and how much they want their passengers to pay for gas.  The person looking for a ride can check zimride to see if someone at their school is headed to the same area as them.  Once the carpooler finds the ride that will get them home, they can then “book” that ride. The driver will then be contacted and once the carpooler has been accepted, the two will get each other’s contact info.

This website is not only a good resource for people looking for a ride, but also for people giving a ride. Driving from San Diego to Sacramento can be expensive if you’re driving up by yourself in an SUV. However, if you don’t mind people carpooling with you, you could fill your car with other students and get paid to drive them, which would cut the cost of gas down by a lot.

This website may seem a little sketchy, but everything is done professionally with everyone’s safety in mind. Check out the safety features here.  Also, to post a ride leaving from a school one must actually have to have an edu email address from that school, so an actual student that goes to your college will be driving you home, not some old man in a van..  The website is also very easy to use, and is a popular website, so you will most likely be able to find the ride you want that can get you to a location close to home.