As we’re wrapping up for the semester, it’s important to stay organized and on top of the dozens of assignments coming your way. While this might sound daunting, time consuming and annoying- it’ll be worth it when summer starts and you have a great GPA for the semester.

The Stickie Note Method

One of the simplest ways I’ve seen students organize their finals schedule is using a space on their wall with stickie notes. Designate one note for each day of the week (in one color) and then in another color, place one stickie note under it for each assignment. Once you get an assignment done, rip the stickie note off the wall and tear it up. This is a bit more satisfying than checking a box on computer or scribbling through a line on a piece of paper.

An example of how to lay things out for the stickie note method.


The Calendar Method

You already rely on your calendar right? Well, use all day events in your Gcal or iCal to mark when things will be due. In most calendaring programs, you’ll have the ability to pin all day events to the top of the page. Every day, review what’s due tomorrow and get cracking. Delete each item from the calendar when their completed and turned in or already happened (like a test). This will also sync over to your phone so you can make sure you’re not falling behind and know what to do before leaving campus for the day.

Going Digital

Another reliable way to make sure you’re not missing out on things that are due or upcoming during the crazy finals week(s) is to use a digital to-do list system. For finals week(s) I recommend using the free Teux Deux website. Teux Deux makes centering your work around due dates incredibly simple and intuitive.

Another free app that you can use to keep track of when everything will be due is called Wunderkit. This web app features an iPhone companion and acts a command center for tasks and relevant notes. (Keep your eye out for a full review of Wunderkit in the coming days).

Good luck on your exams and papers. Do let us know what you’re using to keep sane during finals!