College comes with its typical problems and successes. Every college movie has beaten them to death and you’ve probably been through many yourself. The successes are great, and you don’t need any help with them. But as for the typical problems, sometimes prevention is the best cure. With that said, here are a few ways to stop a few of the more typical college problems before they even start.


Finals Panic

So, you’re panicked over finals. Grades are coming in and you have studying to do. Best of luck. But next time, there are a few quick and easy ways to prevent finals panic: study sooner (which you know) make friends with a smarter kid in the class and set up studying (which you might not) and meet with the teacher a week before so you know what to study most efficiently (which your probably don’t do). Combining these small changes might leave you with more time and more focus and a buddy to double-check with which can keep panic at bay.



I’m not going to tell you to drink less- I mean I will, but that’s lame advice to give. You’re going to want to drink water or a non alcoholic drink when you can, and especially, wean yourself off of hard liquors late at night. If you’re nursing a beer or two at the end of the night, chances are you’re fine. But if you’re taking those extra shots or playing drinking games when you’re already drunk, you’re in trouble. The bite of alcohol is dulled when you’re already drunk making it a slippery slope. If you slow down the pace of drinking towards the end, you dramatically decrease the risk of a bad hangover. The worst hangovers usually involve one hard or mixed drink over-indulged in or a beer sport continued far too late. Cut that out (except for early on) and you’ll be fine.


Late Night Hunger

Ah, Pizza. It’s the ex-girlfriend of food. You want it drunk, late at night, and when you finally see it in person, you remember, wow, you thought it was a lot better than this. It also isn’t delivered as hot as you had hoped. But if you want to ward off late-night hunger pangs, eat before the late night. Don’t shrug off dinner- you’ll pay for it dearly. Keep snacks around and pizza loses it’s allure. Stay strong, soldiers. Also like your ex, late-night pizza isn’t good for you


Sleep Deprivation

Go to sleep earlier? Easier said then done. But on top of that, be aware of the quality of sleep you’re getting. If you’re on any substance, say alcohol or mariujana- ahem, marijuana- (easier to smoke than to spell, apparently) the quality of your sleep goes down. Eight hours of that sleep feels like seven hours of healthy sleep. Similarly, there are websites that let you plan ahead with your R.E.M. cycle so you awake at more “natural” times and feel less groggy. There are many ways to feel better well-rested without going to bed early…but that helps too. Try both.



Ultimately, in college, you regret the things you didn’t do more than you do about the things you did. So cure that problem: do a lot. Chances are it will work well for you.