Recently, I’ve been using a lot of web apps or “extensions” on Google Chrome and have found that some of them really change the way I do my internet browsing. These five “apps” are just some of the essential apps that I think the browser should come stocked with anyway, and are definitely worth the download.

Note: These extensions are all for Chrome, but a lot of them overlap to Firefox and other web browsers.


AdBlock or AdBlock Plus is a must have, if you do not have it already. AdBlock does exactly what it’s title describes and blocks ads. It blocks ads on the side of websites telling you to lose weight, Google ads at the top of websites, and whole page ads when you first get to Best of all, however, AdBlock can block those atrocious thirty second ads at the beginning of YouTube videos. So, if you decide to install any of these extensions, AdBlock is probably the best one to have.


WOT is kind of a neat idea for a browser app that tells you if a website or link is safe. It ranks the site on trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy and child safety. This is a good app to have if you want to see if that Frank Ocean download link is safe, or if you should trust buying something off of

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is a simple screenshot app that allows you to screenshot the entire webpage, or a chosen a section like your normal screenshots with windows or mac. However, what is cool about this extensions is that it allows you to make quick edits to the screenshot like make a red circle around what you’re try to show, point an arrow at it and it even has a blur tool. That’s a good benefit, as you no longer have to open the screenshot in Photoshop or MS Paint just to make a quick arrow, or something.

FB Photo Zoom

This extension is Facebook specific, and allows you to see people’s pictures full size by just hovering your cursor over them. Saves you like 1.2 seconds.

Google Mail Checker

Google Mail Checker is also a simple app. It simply just shows you a tiny notification when you get some new mail.


Know of any cool “must have” web browser apps I left out? Let us know in the comments.