Every year, Dropbox runs an online scavenger hunt filled with devious puzzles and challenging tests of logic. What’s the point of running like a mouse through Dropbox’s clever maze? Free cloud storage! Interested? Get started here.

Before you start, know that your life will be much easier if you have the Dropbox desktop client installed. As you work your way through the puzzles, Dropbox will automatically install a folder called Dropquest 2012 in your Dropbox, so make sure that doesn’t already exist before you start. While all the good prizes are already gone (like free 100GB, 20GB, etc.), everyone who completes Dropquest before June 2 is still eligible to get an extra 1GB free. Now before you go start your merry journey towards free space, know that this thing is hard. It took the first-place finisher just over four and a half hours to finish this thing without any hints and going at it full throttle.

To make your life a little easier, I’ve found some resources that will help you complete Dropquest while keeping your sanity intact. Check out Dropquest Guides for all the help you could ever want. The site offers three levels of help: 1) Hints, 2) Detailed Solutions, and 3) Just the Answers. Depending on if you actually want to challenge yourself or if you just want to get your free space as quickly as possible, go with what works best for your needs.

If you ever get stuck or are missing files, be sure to click the “Repair Dropquest Folder” link at the bottom of each Dropquest chapter page. Have fun and enjoy your free 1GB extra space!