Today, I’m back with three more nifty jailbreak tweaks I love using on my phone. Hope you enjoy them too!

Navigate from Maps – $1.99 – Download from BigBoss repo

The native iOS Maps app sucks compared to its Android counterpart. Reduce its crapiness by downloading Navigate from Maps, a tweak that allows you to use the power of Google’s location search, then easily transfer the result to a GPS app. The tweak will create a little button you can then press to send the info to your desired GPS app. It works with TomTom, Navigon, MotionX GPS Drive, Sygic, Metro View Australia, and Waze (which is free and highly recommended!)

PasswordPilot – Free – Download from BigBoss repo

Whenever I download a new app from the App Store, I hate having to go through the tedium of inputting my password (especially because it’s so long). If you’re not worried about your iTunes account getting rung up by unknowing friends or relatives, PasswordPilot allows you to skip Apple’s BS and automatically inputs your password for you when downloading anything from the App Store.

Weather Icon – Free – Download from repo

Not so much useful as just a cool tweak, Weather Icon changes the icon of the stock Weather app on your Springboard to automatically update based on current conditions. Get a quick glance at the weather without even having to open the Weather app!

Enjoy the tweaks, and see you next time!