Whenever I’m using a friend’s computer, the first thing that I check is what apps they have running in their menubar to see if there is anything I’m missing or need to download. It’s kinda like the digital version of looking through their medicine cabinet. Today, I thought I’d share what I have running in my menubar, highlighting a few apps that I think are special and that you should try out if you get the chance this summer.


Similar to CloudApp, Droplr is an menubar applet that lets you share images, documents and more via a short link (think d.pr/”random letters”). Droplr recently introduced a Pro version that gives you a massive 100GB storage limit as well as custom domain support (think yourname.com/”random letters”).


Everyone should already know about Dropbox, so I’m not going to even touch on it, beyond saying that it’s awesome and where I store just about every file I own in.


When in college, you’re bound to get a daily set of emails specifying changed TA office hours, optional lectures and club meetings. Fantastical makes entering these in a breeze. Just use natural wording, like “Calc Office Hours in College Building 3 from 4-5pm tomorrow” and it figures the rest out. It will show up in iCal as an appointment with all the information filled in.


I get antsy when I study in one place for a long period of time. I’m often found in obscure coffee shops in the neighboring areas, studying. While most offer Free Wifi, I wouldn’t consider that wifi secure enough to be doing online banking or checking up on my student account on. Sidestep lets you set up a VPN system that can seamlessly switch between a secure VPN tunnel or the direct wireless Internet. Setting up a secure VPN tunnel wasn’t too hard and can be done for just $1 via the instructions on their website. Once Sidestep detects I’m on an insecure network it will automatically switch me over to the VPN tunnel so my surfing stays private.


With a cute name (if you say it fast you’ll get it), I’ve been testing out DragonDrop for few weeks now. Essentially it makes those awkward moments when you pick up something to drag and drop but don’t quite have the next window open a heck of a lot better. Just jiggle your mouse and the window appears which stores you dragged files until you can safely drop them on their correct destination.

That wraps up the few apps I have in my menubar. I’d love to see what apps you guys are using as well, so leave a comment!