This summer, while you’re doing summer things like tanning, eating, and not doing anything at all, I have a humble suggestion: take the time to gain an area of expertise.

What I mean is now you have three months and all you need is one accomplishment or focus to show off and enjoy for years to come. Think of it as a major or minor for your semester of laziness. And I have a few suggestions.

1: Gain a Sport

If you like a sport of half-follow it, get more into it. It’s baseball season, for example. Watch, read, study. Get a glove and a ball and some friends and get into it. Put in some energy and work to enjoying and gaining a sport to follow and enjoy, as a player and fan for the rest of your days. It’s great homework and can be done with a beer in hand or on a couch. Can’t ask for more than that.

2: Learn Movies

Pick a director or a genre and finally watch them. Don’t IMDB the quotes or wikipedia the plot: watch them and get into them. Find the classics and what made them classics and finally pick up on all those Simpsons and Arrested Development references you only have-got before. It’s something you can enjoy and show off at the same time.

3: Bar-tend

Bartending is a skill that can be used as a job, used to impress friends and ladies, used to make your own alcohol delicious, and will promise your attendance at parties as a plus. It’s also a great excuse to drink a little more. Go for this  skill and master it. It’s well worth your time for all the above reasons and it’s worth springing for that extra effort for the mint or the better whiskey or to add some ice or whatever. Saying you’re a bartender is infinitely cooler than being a “drinking enthusiast.”

4: Create Art

Make one big accomplishment: a series of short stories, a play, a movie-script, an amazing rap mix-tape called Solid Gold Tank, hypothetically, and throw yourself into them. Even if you aren’t especially good, who cares? It’s the summer in college. Explore, try, and maybe succeed. You’ll have learned a lot about your field of focus and your own skills and all with a permanent thing for your personal resume and the resume of your soul. You could do worse.

5:  Catch Up

Read every book you were supposed to read and never actually got to. Okay, you won’t do that. But maybe handle those untied loose ends you always have been postponing. Finally get to the gym. Pay off that debt you’ve been ignoring. Sometimes catching up is just as good as moving forward and this summer is as good as any time to handle it. Sometimes gaining an area of expertise is as simple as removing an obstacle.