Over the next few months, as people draft their New Year’s Resolutions and 2012 predictions, I’ll be providing tools to help you Achieve Your Resolution – valuable webapps and web sites that I’ve found in the past year that help achieve popular New Year’s Resolutions.

Here on the advent of the middle month of the year – we have reached the conclusion of the Achieve Your Resolution series. And just because most of you have forgotten your New Year’s Resolutions by now doesn’t mean you can’t restart them for June and the rest of the year.

We all love music. In the words of Shakespeare, if it be the food of love, play on. Bonus points if you find that tattoo misspelled on someone’s lower back. But it’s safe to say that throughout our universities, musical tastes vary quite a bit. Frankly, here at UF, the gentlemen in my fraternity house are more into the sounds of Tiesto and Swedish House Mafia, while our neighbors would much rather listen to Luke Bryan and Merle Haggard.

Diversity is the spice of life, and in college, it’s what makes some institutions the houses of higher learning they should be. I’ve always been a subscriber than learning takes place out of the classroom, and the reason I postponed this post is because I’ll be in the classroom of Manchester, Tennessee, next week learning from the almighty Bonnaroo Music and Arts festival.

Sure I know Phish and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but who the hell are Alabama Shakes? Roy Clark, Jr.? Thankfully, the almighty Internet comes through with two fantastic tools to not only enjoy some tunes, but expand your musical horizons.

Spotify, the European wūnderkind, has come on to the scene after its American launch which conveniently coincided with Facebook integration. For free, you get access to an extremely large streaming music library, and for $10/month, you can take that on the go and so much more. Bonnaroo listed its initial lineup with 1 track from each musician on a Spotify playlist, which allowed newbs like me to hear some incredibly good indie music and beef up who I want to see down at the Farm.

Pandora isn’t anything new, but it’s a robust alternative to Spotify. Sure, you can’t pick exactly what song to hear, but you can hear similar artists to your favorites and customize those stations to fit your musical taste even better. It’s musical library, plus its integration with the Music Genome Project, almost forces you to expand your musical horizons…but you get to choose how far.

Regardless of whether or not you’re streaming with a green or blue icon, enjoy your musical experience. Get out of the stereotypical college box of hip-hop and dubstep and learn to love music you may never have dreamed of.

[Photo courtesy of Flickr user Kansir. Licensed under CC BY-2.0.]