So, I know golf is not the most popular sport among college students. There’s a few reasons for this: it’s expensive, hard to learn, and frankly hard to be good at. But for students who want a more relaxing day out on the links – and trust me, if you’re taking summer classes in a town like Gainesville, every day should be a more relaxing day out on the links – Golf GameBook makes what an otherwise tedious game of golf a little bit more fun.

Now, no smartphone application can turn 18 holes of golf into Ultimate Fighting, but golf has some accessories to the game that are hard to overcome. How do you know what your friend scored 3 holes again? Screaming is against golf etiquette in nearly all of its forms, as is driving a golf cart back and forth just to get the score.

Also, trash talking (I know my timing is impeccable) is built into the app.You can save the brewskies for the clubhouse – while you’re on the links, it’s war. But again: vocalizing that might cause a scene in the country club culture. So let your fingers do the talking.

One of my favorite features of the app, and something I’m sure to use when I’m out here at Mark Bostic Golf Course (shameless plug, go Gators!) with my fraternity brothers will be the Facebook integration. You can live update your golf score on the app so your party can see it, but then once you hoist your tournament championship trophy (or likely your first beer pitcher in the clubhouse), you can brag about your accomplishments on Facebook. Because, after all, what does winning matter if you can’t flaunt it?

Now, as awesome as this app is, I’m scared to use it. Not that I’m worried about being a memory hog, a identity theft, or a space stealer on my Android device, but rather because it allows the general populace to learn my secret: I’m a terrible golfer.

[Licensed under fair use; image provided by application creator.]