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As a senior I’ve gotten a little reflective and I thought I’d share a little of my own thoughts. No, it won’t help you organize your notebook, and unfortunately it doesn’t include a recipe for hummus. But in its own way, I like to think that these tips can help you just the same. Consider it a philosophy hack for your upcoming semesters, at college and beyond.


Nothing Stressful matters

Hey, everyone in college: grades don’t matter.

I mean, not really. Especially when you break it down to the individual level: if you bombed that test, fine. Maybe you end up with the C+ in Math when you really thought you could pull out the B. It’s a C! A blemish! Your GPA drops from 3.6 to 3.44 and, oh no! Now you can’t even round it up! This is the worst!

That’s not what propels you for the rest of your life. What carries you far in life is your self, your worth, how hard you work, how clever you apply yourself, and how good you are to yourself and others. No one looks at an employee and says “well, he may be kind of incompetent and a jerk, but he got a 3.6! If it was a 3.4, we’d fire him, but hey, those are the rules.” That’s not what life is. Try your best for you, because trying your best is important. After that? Calm down. Have a beer and a nap and get ‘em next time.

Ignore the small stuff and don’t stress. Live and grow as yourself and the big things will follow. Small stuff will handle itself.



It only takes one


This applies to most anything you’re stressing out over currently. You might feel like you’re in a tunnel or stuck in a rut, and maybe you are. It happens. But all it takes is one.


Life can switch in a second. You can miss every shot in a basketball game and hit one at the buzzer. You could bump into your future spouse in an instant and have your life change. Maybe you win $5,000 on a scratch ticket- someone has to, right? It’s something to remember when life seems predictable and frustrating. All it takes is one instant to switch your fortunes for the better. Don’t lose faith, and most importantly, don’t panic. Adapt, sure, but don’t wildly change if your plan is fundamental.


You Can Do Anything

This sounds like a cliche; but it isn’t. Or rather, it isn’t in the way it should be. You read those words, sure, but you glossed over them, you nodded, or, more likely, rolled your eyes.


Because what I mean is you have free will. You have a capacity and potential. I’m bad at basketball. I can accept that, or I can change that. I can go to the gym. I can practice and practice and work try hard- not just shoot a ball but focus and adapt- and I can get better. Maybe not as quickly as a talented guy would. Almost certainly never to the extent that someone would be impressed. It doesn’t matter. You don’t have to impress anyone. Success and hard work is it’s own reward, as lame as that sounds. Improve yourself and you gain momentum.

I made my first three-pointer today. I maybe missed fifteen, twenty shots before it went in, but it did. You can do it, too. You can cook if you want. Try to drive if you’re hesitant to. Talk to the girl at the coffee shop. You can do anything, if you force yourself to do it. It may not be easy, and it may not even be worth it, but it’s possible. And I’d recommend you do. You might fail. You might- I do too, quite often. And failing can be bad, but it’s worse to be a failure. So push yourself, out of your comfort zone and out of your identity, and make yourself the person you want to be. You’re young and capable. You have literacy and a laptop. Go get ‘em, tiger. Homework can wait.


4: No non-participent has ever wanted more Acapella or Improv Groups on campus.

The market’s saturated, guys. Move on.