Are you tired of arguing about who owes who? Reluctant to spot Jacob for his hamburger because one of you will forget or he’ll just toss you a $5 when really, dude, it’s $9, but that’s not worth arguing over? Do you feel cheated when you buy all the toilet paper for the house every time and have resorted to hiding your own private stash in your pockets for each session?

If so to the last one, ew, you’re a weirdo. But debts and bills can get complicated, especially as far as IOU’s are concerned and things get confusing. Josh missed the last beer-run but he bought the trash-bags he said and the milk too, but Kevin said that he bought milk too, and also you owe him six or seven bucks for the microwave he got off craigslist. What to do? It’s like a math problem, except it’s actually happening in real life, and, for once, I care.

Introducing It’s an effortless intuitive site that lets you split your bills fairly. You simply put in the expense, (either recurring or one-time) and it gets split among the group with the listed price. You can include or un-include people easily too, so you don’t have to pitch in for the stuff you didn’t participate in. It keeps a log of dates and prices and an easy simple to use chart. Set one up today for your house or friend-group and you’ll know, down to the cents, who owes who what. Maybe it’ll finally shame Jacob into paying up.