Today, I’m back with three more nifty jailbreak tweaks I love using on my phone. Hope you enjoy them too!

CallBar – $3.99 – Download from BigBoss repo

CallBar allows you to unobtrusively answer phone calls while using your iPhone. Instead of getting sent immediately to the Phone app when you receive a call, CallBar provides an iOS 5 style notification of any incoming phone calls that you can swipe right to answer, or swipe left to dismiss and keep on doing what you’re doing. CallBar also offers a quick dial feature you can invoke via an Activator function if you want to avoid the Phone app altogether.

TetherMe – $4.99 – Download from BigBoss repo

TetherMe unlocks your phone’s native tethering capability without having to pay your carrier’s exorbitant monthly fees. Create Wi-Fi hotspots on the go, tether using USB, or bluetooth, and connect to the internet from your laptop anywhere! It consistently works unlike some tethering applications, and I’ve never had any issues with it.

User Agent Faker – Free – Download from BigBoss repo

Annoyed by being instantly sent to the mobile version of a website on your iPhone by default? User Agent Faker lets you spoof your browser to appear as a full desktop browser like Firefox so the web shows up exactly how you want to see it. Choose from a multitude of user agents and which applications you want the plugin to affect.

Enjoy the tweaks, and see you next time!