In college, you’re likely to have an ex or two. If you’re likely, you have three or four. And in times of trouble, or, say, Celtic’s game-seven losses, you might be tempted to text them, or, worse, text them with a smiley-face. It’s never a good idea, as your friends will tell you. With that said, I hope to illustrate why reuniting with a college ex is never a good idea.

1: You’ve Grown.

Hopefully, you’ve grown as a person. Likely, she has too. The hook-up and coffee-getting relationship you and Sasha had was good at the moment, but that was for a few reasons: you didn’t realize she was crazy, she didn’t realize you were lame, etc, et al. The point is that relationships exist within a certain framework and time-period. Hopefully, you’ve grown and expanded since them. If not, maybe she or he has. And if not, well, one or both of you should. It’s college, yo.


2: You Broke Up for a Reason

Friends of mine have reunited with exes. Sometimes (okay, once) it’s worked out fine. Otherwise, it’s a problem. Why? Because for the most part you and your ex broke up for a reason. You broke up. Okay; that’s sad and lame and honestly, fairly predictable. But if you get together simply because breaking up is difficult you’re going to follow the same paths that broke you up in the first place. it’s also going to be steadily less cool every time you explain it to your friends. I’m just saying.


3: Fool’s Gold.

You’re ex isn’t that great, objectively. Yeah, you may have loved them. And it both sucks and is weird to accept that, hey, regardless, forget it. It’s tough to forget, but do it. Your friends are always right. Remember how you’re always right about your friends? When it comes to you, they’re equally right. An ex is fools gold: something you can remember positively when you’re lonely or unsure. Forget it and move forward. You can’t move forward while looking backwards.


4: Infinite Possibilites

Yeah, everyone you’ve met sucks. Sure, the girls and guys are lame and you don’t even know how to meet them and even when you do, Will totally snipes them, because, freakin’ Will, he thinks his beard is so cool. Well whatever. All it takes is one person, one opportunity to erase your ex and move your forward. Don’t stay stuck because you’re afraid of the wait or allowing them the opportunity.