For the second year in a row, Adobe has launched their six-week Facebook challenge for students: a game called Real or Fake where each week, visitors are presented with a series of five images and must select whether each of them are the real deal or whether they have been doctored. If the image was “fake”, visitors can learn how it was faked using Adobe products. Each week, students are presented with a new set of five images with the opportunity to guess whether they are real or fake.

The game is currently in its 3rd week, but you can still go back and do the challenges from the 1st and 2nd weeks and learn all of the steps used to create the “fake” images in those rounds. Real or Fake may not present much of a challenge to the “core” Adobe Creative Suite graphic design/art student user, but for the rest of us whose major doesn’t require us to be a Photoshop power user, it’s an easy and fun way to exercise your creativity muscles while learning some digital image-editing skills in the process. Bonus: knowledge of how to use Adobe products to create and edit quality presentations and designs is an extremely valuable asset to employers, no matter your field!

Try the Adobe Fake or Real App on the Adobe Students Facebook Page.

Have you tried the Adobe Real or Fake Challenge? How did you do? Let us know in the comments!