Whatever you’re doing- or not doing- this summer, you’re doing something. At least you should be or could be. Even if you’re doing nothing, you’re being you, and you should be the best you that you can be. With that said, summers tend to slip away. Follow these tips to enjoy yours more.

1: Set Rules

You have freedom this summer? Fantastic. Get rid of it.

See, without getting too philosophical, freedom is a temptress that looks best from a distance. When you are busy, it’s all you want. When you have it…now what?  That’s when people fall in ruts over winter break. Diets and gyms are forgotten and people revert to sloth.

Relax, unwind, and party: but do it on terms of your own. Are people drinking every night? Probably; but not everyone is drinking every night. Even if you can, limit yourself. Don’t drink on Tuesdays, Sundays, or Thursdays. Or do, I’m not your mom. But set an alarm in the morning- 11:00 A.M. maybe, but any alarm- or don’t, whatever. But the days that leave you the happiest are the days you accomplish things. Not the days stuck to Netflix.

2: Talk Incessantly about your Plans.

Your friends don’t care. Fine. But they’ll keep you honest. If you truly mean to go the gym five times a week, tell all your gym-friends. They’ll be sure not to let you get away with slacking. Are you going to be a cook? Buy ingredients and invite friends. You’ll have a tougher time ordering pizza when friends are waiting for you to cook for them. Make your plans social and bam! Game over.

3: Remove your Internet

I spent maybe six hours in the past two days reading Game of Thrones stuff online. I don’t even watch the show- I just was distracting myself from writing, and I love to write. When did I get my most writing done? Bored, in a class with no internet, with the only other option paying attention to French tax rates. I’m not going back to class but I can simulate it. Internet isn’t your friend. No celebrity is re-tweeting you. Chill.

4: Momentum

I hate push-ups. I don’t do them, ever. But lately, I have. And it’s because I tell myself- “just one” I say. Not even one set- one push-up. I’m lying of course- who does just one? But I’m also an idiot so I believe me. So I do one and I do a set. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I actually do just one, or two, or six, and go “screw it.” But usually I do them. And that’s because I forced myself to get started. Do the same and see where momentum takes you. You might like it.