Even though college is a very busy time, with jam packed days full of studying and whatever else, we all still have those times where we catch ourselves doing nothing. We all have free time while in line at the financial aid office, at the DMV, during a twenty minute break between classes, or just in the bathroom. In the digital age that we have fallen into, we cannot simply allow ourselves to just stand there and do nothing, so we break out our phones and use our favorite time wasting apps. From an extensive survey of college students who have all have smart phones I have compiled the best time wasting apps to use during times like these.


Facebook is an obvious one, we all want to know what our friends are doing, creep on their pictures they posted, and see if we have any notifications. However, Twitter can also be a good app to use while wasting time because you can tweet about how you are “bored at the bank” without people judging you for a boring status like on Facebook.

Banking apps

It is really a blessing that we can now get all our banking done on our phones, which would have been impossible just 5 years ago. Doing your banking in these small areas of “free time” is not really wasting time like the title of the post says, but actually a smart idea so you do not have to worry about it later when you are busy.


Similar to a banking app, Mint is a web and phone app that tracks your spending. Mint will tell you how much money you spend monthly on things like food, entertainment, education, bills, etc. HackCollege writer Sean writes more about Mint here.

Temple Run

If I included all the best time wasting games this list could go on forever. However, games like Temple Run, Doodle Jump, and Tiny Wings (iPhone only) all prove to be good time wasters as they do not require too much thinking, are very repetitive and can be played quickly. Draw Something and Words with Friends are also good quick time wasting apps.

Pulse (News App)

There is no one best news app; because, it all depends on what news sources you would like to follow. However, once you know what news sources you follow you can use the app “Pulse” to view them all in the same place and figure out what is going on in the world.

What are your favorite time wasting applications? Tell us in the comments!