Love shopping? Love free gift cards? Then this edition of App of the Week is just for you! Wrapp is a social gifting app that allows you to send small gift cards to friends for free – no strings attached. Wrapp lets you send gift cards for popular retailers like the Gap, H&M, Sephora, Threadless, and WESC.

Platform Availability: Android 2.1 and up. iOS 4.1 and up.

Cost: It’s free! Android Link. iOS Link.

What it is: A social gifting application that allows you to send free gift cards to your Facebook friends for any occasion. Usually the gift cards are only $5, but can you really complain when it’s free?

What it Does: After linking your Facebook account to the app (you don’t have to give it permission to post on your page, just to access all your different friends), choose the friend you want to send a gift to, and that’s it! When you receive a gift, you show your phone to the cashier, and the app spits out a one-time use gift card code.

Features: Facebook Integration – One of the selling points of Wrapp is to send gift cards to friends on their birthdays so you can do something more substantial than just writing “Happy Birthday!” on their walls.

Simplicity – While Wrapp doesn’t do much, it works as advertised. Communicate with your friends to swap gift cards, and get your shopaholic on, saving five bucks at a time.

The Competition: As much as I know, there’s nothing on the market like Wrapp. It’s very unique, and a great app!

Why the Featured App is Best/Summary: For one, there’s no alternative to Wrapp. But aside from that, Wrapp is a free application that lets you send gift cards for free to cool retailers your friends probably shop at. To get you started, click here for a free $5 gift card to the Gap for signing up for Wrapp. If you like it, spread the word, and get your friends involved!

Is there anything you know of like Wrapp? And what do you think of this social gifting concept? Let us know in the comments!