Certain things come in natural pairings. Salt and pepper. Peanut butter and jelly. Rum and coke.  But as great as those combinations certain things pair well with themselves: a beer and a second beer, for example, or two different excuses to text your ex. In honor of those things that pair best with themselves, here are a few things to keep a spare of.

1: Lighters

Whatever it is you’re smoking, you want to smoke it, when you want to smoke it. The convenience store might not be as convenient as you may have hoped and you simply might not have a way to access it.

Lighters are easy to lose and cheap to replace, but replacing them may take time you don’t want to spend replacing them, given the urgency of the smoking moment. If you’re smart, you’ll buy them two at a time so you’ll always have a spare.

2: Options

I’m always an advocate of adventures. If you’re not sure if you should head 0ut to that one party, I say you should. But at the same time whatever you plan on doing should be paired with another possibility.

Maybe the first party is lame. Maybe your ex is there. Maybe the cops shut it down early, and, uh-oh, you gotta hustle out of there. Either way there are things that could emerge. A wise plan for the evening accounts for these sorts of possibilities. Even if it’s a girl and a netflix favorite, having the possibility lined-up will reduce stress and give you more leverage in your situations. You’re less likely to stay at a lame party if you have another choice, after all.

3: Drinks

Whatever you’re drinking, you may want another or a friend will want one, or a girl you’d hope to bring back might like one. Considering the worst case scenario is you’d save it for later, keep a double of your favorite drink on-hand for whatever possibilities emerge.

4: Friends

Two’s company and three’s a crowd. Personally I prefer rolling around in a crowd, and that way, if you’re friend’s girlfriend hits him up or he meets a new potential one there, you have someone to keep hanging with. Keep a spare friend around: it makes the environment more fun and is a fun backup to have for weekend nights.

5: Twenties

Two twenty dollar bills ensure you’ll never be in bad shape. You’ll have enough for the bar and a taxi, or the bar and pizza, or pizza and a taxi, or, stranded at a yard sale, enough to buy a bunch of cool stuff and walk back. Forty bucks is the general minimum to be able to do cool stuff *and* have a little emergency scratch on hand. While a twenty can cover your night, pair it with another in case of emergency or adventure.