The number of nights where I lay in bed after a final with a petrified mind and body are countless. That being said, the chances that my section of the refridgerator has any consumable food is about zero percent.

I realize that there are college students out there who decorate their fridge with a rainbow spectrum of colors. They have their fruits, veggies, meat/tofu, and a sprinkle of late night snacks in a perfectly organized area. Although I appreciate these people, and sometimes manage to make my fridge reasonably similar, I honestly don’t know how such people exist during finals week.

So, what do people like me do when their fridges are empty but their mouths aren’t full? Takeout & delivery, of course.

The real question is, who is getting tired of pizza? I mean I get that there’s the occasional Asian restaurants, maybe late night fast food, but Dominos online ordering and pizza tracker are always my “go-to” delivery service.

However, despite popular belief, it is possible to get sick of pizza. Thankfully, there is a website (which is also an iPhone and Android app) called GrubHub.

GrubHub is a site that prompts the user to input his/her address or current location and generates a list of local restaurants that offer either delivery or pickup services.

You can even refine your search by inputting your desired cuisine, or refine the search options by listing the top rated places first.


Even if you aren’t sick of pizza, let’s say you are watching a movie with someone extra special, you can even order pizza from local stores with GrubHub (and a side salad, if you want to be healthy).

There are plenty other sites/apps just like GrubHub, so here’s a list of other food delivery services:

Just to be fair, Dominos and Papajohns do offer online delivery so if you love their stuff, why not use them forever?

I probably will.