Now that it is summer for most universities, students are now a lot less busy. Most students take this time to enjoy a well deserved break and just go out and have fun; however, that is never one’s only option. The summer is also a perfect time to get an internship, keep learning, or even get a summer job and earn some spending money for next fall.

CoolWorks is a website that hosts seasonal jobs relating to the outdoor niche at places like national parks, ranches, resorts and other nature oriented places. On the CoolWorks site you can find jobs all around the globe, however, most of the posted jobs are in the United States. The jobs available are posted by the employer from the area and can range from any variety of positions from a rancher to a cook to a janitor to a hike leader and more.

The best part of CoolWorks is not that the website can help you get a job for summer, but that it helps you get a “cool” job. Instead of getting a job at some crummy restaurant and being miserable for your only significant break during the year, CoolWorks can get you a fun outdoors job that will be more than a job, but an actual good experience.

Using CoolWorks you will not necessarily find a job super close to where you live, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Finding a job on CoolWorks will give you the opportunity to travel and go see new places in the states that you may not have ever seen.  This experience will be more than just another job to put on your resume, but an actual good time that can maybe even give you some new perspectives on life.

So, if you don’t have plans for the summer, want a cool job to create a great experience, and want an excuse to travel and go check out come unexplored areas, then go check out CoolWorks.

Note: Jobs posted on CoolWorks will also usually provide a place to sleep along with food all on top with your actual pay.