While digital and streaming may be the wave of the future, there’s nothing like watching a summer blockbuster on the big screen in 3D at your local theater. If ever there was a time to watch movies at the theaters, this is it! Unfortunately, it can get downright ridiculous with how expensive going to the movies can be. Let’s say it’s you and your sweetheart who want to catch Brave when it debuts. That’s $21 for two tickets ($10.50 each), not to mention another $5-7 for snacks and drinks. To help save you some cash, I’ve rounded up a collection of deals to make sure you can go to the movies and keep your wallet fat at the same time.

1. $1 for 2 Movie Tickets (up to $26 value) from Google Offers – This deal is valid from June 19, 2012-August 2, 2012. To take advantage of this deal, you’re going to have to be a new Netflix subscriber and watch three movies or shows. After you meet the conditions (which you can do during your free trial – just make sure to cancel before your free month is up), you will be emailed your reward code at the email address used to sign up for your Netflix account. The rewards code is affiliated with Hollywood Movie Money, so check out their website to see participating theaters along with the promo code “Netflix”. Finally, remember that the fine print says “Please allow up to 5 weeks after you watch your third movie or show to receive your reward code. Each Hollywood Movie Money Certificate is valid for one admission, up to $13, to see any movie at any participating theater of your choice.”

2. 2 for 1 Movie Tickets on Fridays from Fandango with a Visa Signature Card – This deal is valid from May 4, 2012-August 17, 2012. You must have a valid Visa Signature credit card to take advantage of this offer. You must also buy the ticket on Friday for a Friday showing.

3. Two Free Movie Tickets from Fandango for completing a Free TrialPay Offer – TrialPay is this company that gives you free stuff for signing up for other companies’ services, usually with a free trial involved followed by a hefty subscription fee. You can use Netflix again (just create a new email address and use a virtual credit card number), or sign up for other offers. I like the free Stamps.com trial, although it is rather annoying to have to close your account over the phone.

4. Free Fandango $10.50 voucher – This is another TrialPay promotion where you sign up for something, then you get sent a promo code worth $12 on Fandango. I just use new email addresses and virtual credit card numbers for each “new” Netflix sign up. You do have to pay the transaction fee, but $1.25 ($3.25 for 3D) movie tickets are still a great deal!

[Photo courtesy of Flickr user roberto_venturini. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.]