It’s the summer, and that means lots of things. Among other things it means re-befriending that one friend-of-a-friend who has a pool. In fact, make sure you do that now. Go on Facebook. It’s okay, I’ll wait.

Okay, now that you’ve assured yourself a pool for the party, it’s time to plan the actual party. Don’t worry about if the pool-owner will be down- okay, fine, check with them- but a great pool party is easy to set up, but a few items on the checklist will make sure everyones happy.

1: A Grill

People like food, and swimming is an all day activity; between lounging, hanging, waiting for the first person to start swimming swimming yourself, and lounging some more, you’re going to work up quite an appetite. Grilling and anything goes together pretty well so adding a grill to your pool party is pretty logical; it gives the non-swimmers something to do, gives everyone something to eat, and can extend the party further.

2: Pool Toys

If you wouldn’t goof around in a pool with your pals and some pool-toys (especially after two drinks) then forget a pool party all-together. You clearly don’t deserve parties. Pool toys are a tough thing to put together especially if you don’t have a pool but if you do, invest in some. Toss them in the middle of the day and watch people lose their inhibitions. Plus, it’s a cool way to make your pool stand out from other pools. Pool noodles, man. Do that.


3: Extra towels

There are never enough beers at a party, never enough notifications on your Facebook, and never enough towels at a pool party. Insist people bring their own, then supply more. Someone’s forgetting it, or the towel got wet from splashing or…whatever. There’ll be a litany of excuses as to what happened but supplying some white, fluffy problem-solvers is better then arguing with Dwayne that if he checked his phone he’d know to bring his own towel. Similarly, order one extra pizza if you don’t grill. The worst case scenario is extra pizza and that’s the best case scenario.

4: Between 10-16 people

Any more and the pool isn’t the focus. Any less and it’s a pool hangout, not a party. Plan your invites accordingly and try to hit that sweet spot. It should be easy on a beautiful summer day, and if you can promise me a pool noodle, that’s one more person right there.

5: A few members of the opposite sex

A pool party is technically a party, and especially with some moderate drinking, some skin-showing friends of the opposite gender tend to liven things up. Don’t expect anything and don’t invite unchill people for the sake of gender but if they are chill, you might as well mix things up. Who knows? They might be really impressed with your awesome cannon-ball skills.