If you do not know, Reddit is a social website powered by user posted content, and is the self proclaimed “front page of the internet.” Prior to a couple of months ago, this is all I knew of Reddit, and I assumed it was just full of  memes and funny cat videos; however, Reddit is so much more than that. Reddit is a tight nit (but huge) community of internet users who help and entertain each other in thousands of ways. Reddit can be, and is, used as a unique forum to help other users in many areas, and can do so quickly with its millions of users. So, aside from cute cat videos, funny pictures, and Facebook fails, Reddit also has many other “subreddits” (divisions of the site) that can be of use to college students and humans in general.


The subreddit of fitness is a place meant for users to learn and ask about all things fitness, like dieting, exercising, etc. Users can ask questions to the Reddit community, get inspiration, answers questions, and support other users on their way to get fit. The fitness FAQ on Reddit is perhaps the best part of this subreddit, and can probably answer all the fitness questions one might have.


TIL or “Today I learned” is an interesting subreddit where Redditers simply post fascinating facts that they have learned that day. There are many other subreddits that people can also learn from like the technology, politics, world news, and science subreddits.


The “do it yourself” subreddit is meant for two things. Firstly, one can post questions to the forum to learn how to do something themselves, like build a bookshelf or something of the sort, and, secondly, one can post DIY projects that they have completed that will show off their skills while also teaching others how to do the same kind of project. DIY is especially good for college students living on their own for the first time, and perhaps never learned handy stuff like how to patch a hole in the wall. The DIY subreddit is also good for students who simply need some creative ideas, and need to know how to make those ideas actually happen.


The cooking subreddit is for all of us cooking beginners. It can help you learn how to cook simple to advanced meals, and give you creative cooking ideas. You can then post the pictures of your cooking and brag about it afterwards.


College students love free stuff. The freebies subreddit page is not updated too often but when it is, it shows actual things (not sweepstakes or free trials) that people can get free of cost like this t-shirt with some donkeys on it, or this free razor sample.


And, of course, a handy subreddit for college students has to be education. The education subreddit is a place for all things education, from interesting articles to helpful college advice. You can also check out similar, yet smaller subreddits like highereducation, or askacedemia.

In conclusion, Reddit is a very valuable tool for all internet users, and is not just the “bad stuff” of the internet. Reddit has a lot of other cool subreddits like /r/tipofmytongue, /r/whatisthisthing, /r/health, /r/science, /r/IAmA , and hundreds of more. Use Reddit!