Peter Pan and the like have all sought to remain young and the idea of growing older and becoming (gulp) adults shakes us to our core. Graduating college may be inevitable, but we’re not going out without a fight.

Still, aging has it’s advantages and one of the primary ones is that you can satisfy the desires of your younger years. Stay up to midnight. Eat ice-cream. Whatever you want, you can finally do now and one of those things is something so great you never would have thought to dream it.

I’m talking, of course, about 3D trampoline sports.

Yes, the good people at have somehow put together a bouncing adrenaline thrill-fest that includes, amongst other things in certain cities, competitive adult dodgeball leagues at night in a 3D bouncing thunder dome. If that doesn’t get you to at least glance at the site, then I don’t know what will. It’s a place with a college and young adult scene and again: bouncing attack-based activities. Come on dude. You know you want it.