Through the wonders of YouTube and other areas of the Internet I have discovered some neat tricks and bets that have proven to be useful to perform at parties, social gatherings, and other things of that sort. These tricks and bets may accomplish many tasks including: impressing your friends, breaking the ice, and even making some money. Below are some of my favorite tricks and bets, and I’m sure there are thousands more you can find that will also impress others.

Shotgun a Beer with Your Finger Trick
This is a casual trick that will make you look fearless and strong, and is not too hard to do with some practice. Here is the video that will show you how.
NOTE: If you are under 21 then you should do this with a non-alcoholic drink like a Hanson Soda.

Rip a Phone Book in Half
This is a more well known trick, but still a cool thing to show off. Surprisingly, one does not actually have to be too strong in order to tear a phone book in half, because it has more to do with technique.  So, if you want to try this, and look strong in front of your friends, then check out this YouTube tutorial.

Quirkology Tricks

“Quirkology” is a YouTube channel where this man, Richard Wiseman shows the internet how to do cool tricks, and other things of the sort, and he has two videos dedicated for “party science stunts.” Here (and here) are those two videos.

Quirkology Bets

Richard Wiseman also has a good video on small tricks that can be used as bets.

Pick a Number Bet
This is my favorite bet that seems to never fail, but I could not find the video explanation of it. So, here goes my written attempt to explain.
Step 1: On your own time, get five coins, and then cut one of those in half, (which you can do with strong scissors or a small saw)
Step 2: At a social gathering, you awkwardly tell a friend you’re going to show them a trick.
Step 3: Tell them to pick a number between 1-10, then multiply that number by two, then add nine to that number, divide that number by two, and then take that number and subtract the original number they had chosen. This number is always going to be four and one half, so your friend will assume you messed up the trick because it is not a whole number.
Step 4: Take the four and one half coins from your pocket (don’t show them) and bet a small amount of money that you are holding the same number of coins as the number they have in their head. They’ll think you messed up, take the bet, and then you’ll show them four and a half coins, and you are now the coolest guy ever.

So, when and your buddies are hanging out this fourth of July, impress them with these neat tricks and bets.

Have any cool party tricks, you need to share? Tell us in the comments!