For part two of my favorite tips to a freshman, I have 10 more tips for you.  Hopefully these tips will help ease your nerves, give you a better idea of what to expect, and help you prevent some of the most common mistakes made by listening to these tips.  As always, please tell us if there are any other tips or suggestions you’d like to share with the incoming freshman.

Now on to the tips:

  • Attend Class Regularly.  The temptation to miss class, especially that 7am physics class, will be super high.  But resist.  And then resist some more.  Attending class regularly is vital in doing well in class.
  • And don’t leave class early.  Even if the professor’s voice is dull and monotone. Even if you are so bored you want to scream.  Stay for the whole class – professors often give out important information or reminders at the end of class.
  • Introduce yourself to your professors and go to their office hours.  Most of the time, they are nice people and they like it when students are interested in the class.  Many of my professors have served as mentors as I try to make decisions and navigate my college career.
  • Use your campus’ career resource center.  This invaluable resource can help you figure out what career and major path is right for you.  It can help you write a resume or practice your interviewing skills.  They can help you find a job or network with other.  Use their expertise to your advantage!
  • Strengthen your communication skills.  If you are going to have a roommate, you need to know how to effectively communicate your feelings, wants, and needs to one another without having a full on blow out.  A strong dose of patience and some compromise will probably be required.  But remember, if you can live in a small space with another human being, you can do just about anything.
  • Practice Safety.  Follow your gut and your instincts.  Be aware of your surroundings.  Don’t walk home alone at dark – use the buddy system.  If it is valuable, don’t leave it around where anyone can get access to it.  Don’t take some random cup from a stranger at a party.  Just cause you *can* do something, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.
  • Get enough sleep.  Sleep is so important and invaluable.  So get plenty of it.
  • Wash your hands.  Often.  Now wash them again.  Germs pass like wildfire in small spaces.  And being sick is no fun when your mommy isn’t around to make you soup and take care of you.
  • Get your flu shot.  Nothing is worse than being stuck in your dorm room with an above 100 degree temperature, sick as a dog, while all your friends are out partying.  Many schools give these for free or low cost.

What tips would you offer to incoming Freshman?  We’d love to hear them!