Hey all,

For the next few posts I’ll be looking at a few of the most popular cities for college and post-college living- cities like Boston, New York, L.A. and Chicago- to help give anyone in college a good examination of the city they might be living in now or what city they might like to visit or move to later. There are no right answers here, and these are all opinions. Some people might do better in Boston, some Chicago, others in the suburbs or in a city or place I don’t mention. Regardless, I hope these next few articles can help serve as a college-minded cheat-sheet to examining this classic cities.



The pros: Boston may be the best college city in America in terms of sheer capita. Harvard, M.I.T, Tufts, B.U, B.C., Northeastern, and many more all dot the city which is publicly accessible. Knowing a few kids here and there ensures you’ll be able to visit many more colleges, each with their unique personalities, parties, and people. Boston is also arguably the best sports city in America with winning and competitive teams in all four main sports as well as deeply knowledgable and passionate fans. For the most-part a “bandwagon” Red Sox fan has the same intensity as a serious West Coast fan, and a serious Red Sox fan will tell you all about Troy O’Leary. We’re historic and scenic, with beautiful neighborhoods and lots of stuff to do, we have Cape Cod and decent accessibility to New York and other Eastern cities, we have upscale stuff but are deeply down to earth, and St.Patricks day is absolutely fantastic. Boston, buddy. Give it a shot.


The cons: Boston has a notoriously difficult policy on serving alcohol to minors and fake I.Ds are scrutinized much more severely. What passes in New York gets you laughed at (or worse) here. The city itself closes much earlier, with public transit stopping at 12:30 all nights and bars stopping early as well. Driving is a harrowing adventure, and buddy, the cold here will knock any of you west coast or southern visitors right back on a returning flight. We dress in t-shirts and our facial hair is suspect more often than not and if you root for the wrong sports teams (Lakers, Yankees, Heat) we may have a very serious talk with you and that talk may involve yelling.


Overall: If you can handle the cold, if you care about sports and prefer down to earth activities (with occasional splurges of cool and fancy) then Boston is the city for you. It’s not as hectic as New York or Chicago, and it’s closer to the mold of D.C. and Philly if they combined and had a kid that baby was an awesome city too but was somehow older than they were.